GOMBA AGRO INDUSTRIE SARLU is one of the main players in the food industry in Guinea. Equipped with a modern facility, it is the first agri-food company in the country. It processes and markets a wide range of products and beverages.

GOMBA AGRO INDUSTRIE SARLU is a Guinean company created in 2019 which operates mainly in the field of agrifood and livestock. The production site is located on an area of thirty (30) hectares in the prefecture of Coyah located about fifty (50) kilometers from the capital Conakry.






GOMBA AGRO INDUSTRIE SARLU aims to become one of the main innovators in the field of agro-food and livestock in the West African sub-region. To do this, the organizational structure has been designed so that it is better able to listen to the customer and the market.


GOMBA AGRO INDUSTRIE SARLU is convinced that the development of agricultural resources and livestock products by building industrial processing units and setting up a marketing chain for this production, will lead to a considerable reduction in the quantities of agricultural products that rot each year. . This company strengthens the almost non-existent industrial fabric in the Republic of Guinea. With a high population growth rate in the sub-region and more generally in Africa, therefore more mouths to feed, which guarantees us a booming market. In this context, the profitability of investment in the field of agri-food is rapid and scalable over time, it is an income-generating activity, purely and simply.


The organizational structure of GOMBA AGRO INDUSTRIES SARLU has been designed to be attentive to customer and market needs. It is also organized in such a way as to guarantee a healthy working environment for workers, in compliance with safety guidelines and legal instructions..



Job creation: GOMBA AGRO INDUSTRIE SARLU employs over 350 people, approximately 95% of whom are Guineans. The jobs created are mainly in the rural areas where the company is established. These jobs have a positive impact on the living conditions of many Guineans. 85%
Development of local communities: GOMBA AGRO INDUSTRIE SARLU has implemented several community development projects, including the construction of schools and health centers, the supply of drinking water and the construction of roads. These projects have a positive impact on the lives of the inhabitants of the areas where the company is established.80%
Contribution to the national economy: GOMBA AGRO INDUSTRIE SARLU is one of the largest agribusiness companies in Guinea and contributes significantly to the national economy. In 2022, the company generated more than US$1 million in revenue.75%